Convergence of Cyriss Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex

Valmistaja: Privateer Press
Peli: Warmachine
Armeija/osapuoli: Convergence of Cyriss
Yksikkotyyppi: Solo

Hinta: 4,58 €/kpl

(ALE norm: 9,50 €/kpl)

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Among the most important but demanding tasks carried out by the living priests of the Convergence is the deployment of algorithmic dispersion arrays—devices that increase the reach of a warcaster’s arcane spells well beyond normal tolerances. By carefully modulating the dispersion array’s frequencies, the optifex acts as a transmitter through which the warcaster can bolster his battlegroup or strike down enemy targets.


Base Size: 30mm

Model Count: 1

Packaging: Blister