Legion of Everblight Grotesque Raiders / Grotesque Banshees

Valmistaja: Privateer Press
Peli: Hordes
Armeija/osapuoli: Legion of Everblight
Yksikkotyyppi: Unit

Hinta: 25,01 €/kpl

(ALE norm: 51,90 €/kpl)

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Swooping out of the darkness, the terrifying grotesques unleash misery on those who stand against Everblight. Grotesque raiders speed across the battlefield on powerful wings before descending en masse to tear apart their prey. Grotesque banshees let loose piercing cries that liquefy organs and drown out the thoughts of spellcasters, rendering their powers useless. Together these twisted creatures spread the horror of the dragon’s blight across the land.


Base Size: 30mm

Model Count: 10

Packaging: Box