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Legion of Everblight Neraph / Seraph kit

Valmistaja: Privateer Press
Peli: Hordes
Armeija/osapuoli: Legion of Everblight
Yksikkotyyppi: Warbeast

Hinta: 22,95 €/kpl

(ALE norm: 30,00 €/kpl)

Considered Everblight’s messengers of death, the seraphim and neraphim are winged spawn of sublime but horrific elegance. Seraphim possess deceptively slender frames that slice through the air on multiple powerful wings, their blighted energy leaving a distorted contrail in their wake. Other dragonspawn following in this slipstream are accelerated forward, while the seraph delivers incinerating blasts of blighted ash. Meanwhile the neraph closes to seize its prey in its prehensile tail before finishing it with a lethal strike.


Contains 1 plastic kit that creates either a Neraph or Seraph miniature. This miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.


Base Size: 50mm

Model Materials:  Plastic

Model Count:  1

Packaging:  Box