Mage Wars Academy Core Set

2-2 pelaajalle
Pelin kesto: 30-45min
Ikäsuositus:14+ vuotiaille

Hinta: 17,87 €/kpl

(ALE norm: 27,00 €/kpl)

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The stand alone card dueling game set in the Mage Wars Universe!


You have reached the climax of you studies as a “Mage in training” and now stand ready to face off against other students, those of an entirely different school and ideology!  How will your battles turn out? Your actions will determine who is the victor… and who tastes bitter defeat!


The Academy Core Set comes with two new Mages, who may look very familiar to our experienced players.  The Wizard and the Beastmaster!  The Wizard is aligned to the Sistarra faction, which is the name of the Academy in Sortilege.  Meanwhile the Beastmaster, still sporting his trusty woodland friends, is connected to the Kelsar Grove. What will come of their battles in the Academy?  Only you can tell that story!


Mage Wars Academy is designed so that all cards are “forward compatible” with Mage Wars® Arena. All Mage Wars Academy spell cards are fully playable in Mage Wars Arena. Icons, terminology, and keywords all are aligned to provide easy transition, so when you choose to Enter the Arena, your cards, and your investment, come with you!


Arena cards are not compatible with Academy play, as some would be just simply too powerful in a single zone environment.