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Underwater Cities

1-4 pelaajalle
Pelin kesto: 40-160min
Ikäsuositus:14+ vuotiaille
Valmistaja: Delicious Games

Hinta: 61,90 €/kpl



The earth is overpopulated. The colonization of Mars is always four decades away. Only one avenue is open for human expansion: the world under the sea.


Players compete to build the best underwater nation – an archipelago of undersea cities connected by a network of transportation tunnels. Kelp farms and desalination plants will provide your people with food and water. Laboratories will give you the knowledge you need to run everything more efficiently. Perhaps you will even be able to build symbiotic cities, fully integrated with the underwater ecosystem. Beginning as a single city, you will expand your network, connecting it with the coastal metropolises. At a time when hunger has exceeded agricultural output and water shortages strain the bonds of the Federation of Nations, you will build a nation that is self-sustaining, perhaps even someday exporting your products to those who have been left ashore.


This is your task.


This is your destiny.


The world’s hopes lie in your underwater cities.


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