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Necromunda: Corpse Grinder Cult Gang

Valmistaja: Games Workshop
Peli: Necromunda
Armeija/osapuoli: Corpse Grinder Cult
Yksikkotyyppi: Gang

Hinta: 27,16 €/kpl

(ALE norm: 31,95 €/kpl)

Corpse Grinder Cult -jengi Necromundaan. Sääntöjä varten tarvitset Necromundan perussäännöt, sekä Necromunda Book of Ruinin tai Necromunda Dark Uprisingin.


Sisältö (valmistajalta):

This set of ten Corpse Grinder Cultists have been designed to give you a huge amount of variety and options when it comes to assembling them, ensuring that no two cults need ever look the same. This kit is ideal for starting a new cult or adding to an existing one, containing 6 Skinners – including options to build a Butcher (Leader) and a Cutter (Champion) – and 4 Initiates. Butchers, Cutters and Skinners are armed with a brutal array of chain cleavers and rotary flensing saws, while Initiates have access to chain cleavers, boning swords and autopistols.

Also included are six 32mm Necromunda round bases and four 25mm Necromunda round bases.


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