Warcry: Raveged Lands - Shattered Stormvault

Valmistaja: Games Workshop
Peli: Age of Sigmar: Warcry
Yksikkotyyppi: Maasto

Hinta: 65,00 €/kpl

Uusi pelattava maasto Age of Sigmar: Warcry -peliin. Maastokappaleet sopivat toki kaikkiin muihinkin miniatyyripeleihin.



This set contains a selection of highly modular Dominion of Sigmar scenery, including statues, columns, braziers and stepped temples.

This set also contains a 22”x30” double-sided gameboard to battle over – one side depicts a ruined tile floor, while the other features a wasteland that matches the gameboard from the Warcry Starter Set, allowing you to combine your scenery collections for bigger battles!

The set also includes a double-sided Warcry token sheet for keeping track of your fighters, plus 36 terrain cards – combine these with battleplan cards to set up your games. Whether you're looking to expand your Starter Set or beginning your journey in Warcry, this set is perfect for you!