Warcry: Battleplan Cards

Valmistaja: Games Workshop
Peli: Age of Sigmar: Warcry
Yksikkotyyppi: Tarvike

Hinta: 12,90 €/kpl

Kortit Age of Sigmar -maailmaan sijoittuvaan skirmish -tason peliin, Warcryihin. Korteilla saat luotua erilaisia pelejä erilaisin tavoittein, asetteluin ja kääntein.



 This set contains:

- 36 deployment cards
Shows different examples of where to set-up your warbands

- 36 victory cards
Details 36 different victory conditions

- 36 twist cards
Special rules that are used for the duration of each battle. 

Combine these with terrain cards, and you’ll be able to play millions of potential battleplans – no two need be the same!