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Terrain Crate: GMs Dungeon Starter Set - EN

Valmistaja: Mantic

Hinta: 75,00 €/kpl



Designed to suit any table-top RPG, this great set includes loads of terrain to fill out your dungeon, 4 heroes to delve into its depths, loads of varied minions - from orcs to demons - for them to face, and a final boss in the form of a towering Dragon!


This set contains 30 pre-coloured pieces of plastic terrain and miniatures, including:

2 Brown Wooden Double Doors
6 Brown Wooden Doors
2 Brown Portcullises
4 Brown Chests with removable lids
4 Brown Barrels
2 Brown Tables
2 Brown Bookcases
1 Brown Lectern with open book
1 Brown Dwarf Weapon Rack
1 Brown Stone Altar
1 Brown Stone Throne
1 Brown Stone Well
2 Brown Bookcases
2 Brown Cabinets
2 Brown Bookcase Corners
2 Brown Half Bookcases
2 Brown Candlesticks
2 Brown Piles of Books
1 Brown Parchment
1 Brown set of Candles
1 Brown set of Potions
1 Brown Ladder
1 Brown Desk
1 Brown Comfy Chair
1 Brown Mirror
1 Brown Orrery
1 Brown Owl on perch
1 Brown Scrying Pool
2 Large Gold Piles of Treasure
2 Small Gold Piles of Treasure
1 Gold Plinth
1 Gold Bag of Coins
1 Gold word in Stone
1 Gold Crown on Cushion
1 Gold Pile of Armour
1 Gold Pile of Chests
1 Gold Chalice and Platter
1 Brown Pile of Crates
1 Brown Set of Barrels
1 Brown Crate
2 Brown Makeshift Barricades
2 Brown Piles of Debris
1 Brown Skull
1 Brown Rat
1 Brown Rat Swarm
1 Brown Pile of Logs
1 Green Dragon
4 Blue Heroes
9 Green Orc and Goblin Minions
9 Red Abyssal Minions
9 Bone Undead Minions
Supplied assembled and unpainted.