Uutuuksissa roolipelejä, keräilykortteja, lautapelejä ja miniatyyri-modelling -tuotteita.

Resident Evil 2: The Board Game

1-4 pelaajalle
Pelin kesto: 90-120min
Ikäsuositus:14+ vuotiaille
Valmistaja: Steamforged Games

Hinta: 93,90 €/kpl



Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game is a co-operative survival horror board game for 1-4 players set in the rich and immersive Resident Evil™ universe.


World-class miniatures and innovative mechanics help deliver an experience that captures the essence of the much-loved video game, with players venturing into the zombie-infested streets and buildings of Raccoon City in a desperate fight to escape the nightmare!   


You and up to three friends will take control of four classic Players from Resident Evil™ 2; Claire, Leon, Ada, and Kendo.


Each with their own unique set of skills you’ll need to work together to fight your way past Zombies, Lickers, terrifying Zombie Dogs, and much worse as you venture into the overrun Raccoon City Police Department.


As you uncover the truth of the deadly outbreak you will come face to face with the deadly Malformation of G, William Birkin. In Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game you will be tested against the Birkin Stage 3 Malformation, and the G-Mutant. Each with their own deck of devastating attacks, you will need skill and strategy to survive.



24 Highly Detailed Plastic Miniatures
26 Double-sided Game Board Tiles
155 Cards
4 Player Health Track Boards
11 Tracker Dials
6 Dice
84 Tokens
1 Rulebook
1 Scenario Book