Pokémon 2018 World Championships Deck - Naohito Inoue (Buzzroc)

Valmistaja: Nintendo
Peli: Pokemon
Yksikkotyyppi: Starter Deck

Hinta: 16,90 €/kpl

Play Like a Champion!


Grab a World Championships deck and play like a champion! Choose one of four powerful decks, each a card-for-card replica of an actual title-contender's deck from the 2018 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships!


Each 2018 Pokémon TCG World Championships Deck includes:

  • -60-card Champion Deck
  • -2018 World Championships booklet
  • -Special 2018 World Championships pin
  • -2018 World Championships deck box
  • -A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online


Naohito Inoue: Junior Champion


Naohito Inoue of Japan faced a mirror match in the Junior Division finals, but his Buzzwole/Lycanroc deck came out on top and made him the World Champion! This deck features lots of battle-focused Fighting-type Pokémon and plenty of ways to power them up, with Diancie Prism Star and Strong Energy offering a nice damage boost, and Brooklet Hill searching out any Basic Pokémon in the deck. And if the opponent happens to have exactly 4 Prize cards left, Buzzwole can hit really hard for a single Energy!

This deck features a limited-edition card back. These cards are not tournament legal.