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Descent: Journeys In The Dark Second Edition: The Trollfens Expansion

2-5 pelaajalle
Pelin kesto: 60-min
Ikäsuositus:14+ vuotiaille
Valmistaja: Fantasy Flight Games

Hinta: 34,90 €/kpl

The vicious Bol’Goreth rampages through the wildlands at the edge of the Valdari Marsh, and those left in his wake babble terrifying tales of destruction. However, dark rumors hint at something more sinister behind the simple-minded brutality: something horrific that threatens to spill out across the realm.

The Trollfens is an expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition that introduces new heroes, monsters, classes, quests, and more. Heroes can discover and investigate secret rooms and rumors while the overlord spreads infection and brings a powerful new lieutenant into play: the massive troll Bol’Goreth!



24-page rulebook/quest guide

9 Plastic figures

1 Green power die

2 Hero sheets

22 Class cards

3 Travel event cards

13 Shop item cards

1 Search card

4 Condition cards

3 Relic cards

6 Secret room cards

10 Overlord cards

4 Monster cards

2 Lieutenant cards

6 Rumor cards

2 Advanced quest cards

9 Map tiles

1 Secret room tile

8 Challenge tokens

5 Condition tokens

7 Class tokens

1 Lieutenant token

1 Secret room entrance token

16 Infection tokens


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