The Fisherman's Guild: The Changing Tide

Valmistaja: Steamforged Games
Peli: Guild Ball

Hinta: 57,00 €/kpl

"Ain't no other team who can catch 'em. Until someone gets their game on, the Fishermen's Guild will keep on winning." -Flint, Mason's Guild


As a cunning predator, Shark is the kind of captain crowds love to watch and players hate to face because he's aggressively fast. And he's not shy about showing off. Circling the currents of the pitch, his plays aim to shame--he darts in, steals the ball and sinks a shot in a flash of blue. Fading back into the murky shadows, he patiently waits to strike again.


Fast, agile, and fragile, his team's playstyle is about outsmarting opponents with clever plays and swift goals. Led by one of the fastest captains, this team clinches the early game by sinking goals quickly. Coaches who want speed and a kick skill stronger than the surging tides will find this Fishermen team to be a perfect match.


As unyielding as the seas, this set includes a ball, 6 players cards, bases, and 6 players: Shark, Salt, Angel, Siren, Greyscales, Kraken.