The Mason's Guild: The Punishing March

Valmistaja: Steamforged Games
Peli: Guild Ball

Hinta: 28,93 €/kpl

(ALE norm: 57,00 €/kpl)

"Hammer is legendary in everything he does. While others may falter, he only gets better - stronger, faster. He is an inspiration, like an ancient titan of legend." -Harmony, Mason's Guild


An unrelenting juggernaut on the field, Hammer is the anchor at the centre of the Mason's Guild. A true icon, one of the strongest players in the game today - and, he's stamping his name into the world of Guild Ball at any cost.


Immovable in their resolve, Hammer's team can attack and defend with equal ferocity - crushing the opposition with Hammer and Chisel while scoring goals through sheer force of will. Coaches will delight in blunting their opponent's attacks against a Granite Tower before Wrecking them with perfect Harmony.


Unrelenting in their pursuit of glory, this set includes: a ball, 6 player cards, bases, and 6 players: Hammer, Wrecker, Chisel, Veteran Harmony, Tower, Granite.